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Development & Brand

Agency Servicing The UK

Meet The Team

We have a small scalable team of skilled and experienced digital marketing specialists, designers and developers who specialise in creating branding and digital solutions to develop and grow businesses of all sizes.

Co founder

Damon Segal

Co founder of Tomia

Nathan Mathan

About Us

We are an award-winning creative digital agency based close to London. We combine innovative ideas with sound business strategies to achieve exceptional results for their clients. For the last 35 years, we have been designing and building websites, producing marketing material and assisting our clients with their marketing strategies to help them reach more potential customers more efficiently and effectively.

Our technology division specialises in complex multi-system development and integration. We provide expertise in all aspects of a development project, from consulting and planning to the management, design, development and delivery. We also provide ongoing support and infrastructure management. Ultimately we become part of your team with many services at your fingertips.


Best of both worlds

We are in a unique position as we have

 both a strong design and marketing division and a

division that specialises in web, mobile and software

applications including complex integrations.

This means that not only can our highly qualified designers

create your marketing collateral, while our marketing specialists make

sure your design performs, but we have an enterprise-level development

team to give you incredible functionality.

You get the best of both worlds: the creative and the technological.

We have worked across almost every sector, some for more than a decade,

such as Hospitality, Retail, Finance, Professional Services, Estate Agents and

Manufacturing. They say people buy people, I guess that is the only way you’ll know

if we are right for you, so pick up the phone or message us here.

Why the Owl? Our brand imagery is around animals; each portrays certain

characteristics, but the owl is special. We feel that Emotio, like an owl, takes

a 360-degree view, has excellent vision and makes wise decisions, so this is

why the owl is our mascot.